How to contact us
  1. Call the phone number +254207602943.
  2. Apply under Application.
  3. Request a callback.
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Pay your attention:

  • Applications that are sent via the feedback form or email will be reviewed within 24 hours.
  • Applications that are taken by the operators on the phone, if possible, are resolved during the conversation. If you cannot immediately solve the problem or answer the question, the operator creates a ticket which our experts will review within 24 hours. In special cases, consideration of the application may take up to 48 hours.
  • All applications that are submitted on a weekend or holiday, can be resolved only on the next working day.

RGK Help always strives to provide its subscribers high quality service. Your opinion is important to us. All suggestions, complaints and questions about the services will be accepted and reviewed promptly.

Service cost

With the service cost you can find in the section Rate table. For information, click:

  • your country of residence;
  • mobile operator to which you are connected.

Below you will see a list of available short codes which is activated in a selected region and the mobile operator. Rates are quoted in local currency with VAT and the subscription period.

Please note that the online services where you pay for services, must have rules to use this service, as well as information about the cost.

Mobile subscription

Mobile subscriptions are connected by sending an SMS to a short number of your mobile operator.

Due to mobile subscriptions, you will always get the latest multimedia and entertainment content, business news, sports, politics, economy, daily exchange rates, information about fashion trends, you will also be able to meet, communicate and get news from the category of "18+" (for adults only). The base content of any subjects allows us to offer only the best to its subscribers.

Regular distribution of content is carried out in a certain period of time daily, weekly, or depending on occurrence of relevant information, such as exchange rates.

Cellular carriers allow you to subscribe to multiple topics of content which significantly saves your time and money.

If Mobile subscription have been activated accidentally or you want to change the subject of the subscription, or if you have any questions regarding the quality of services , please fill out the form in the application, outlining the essence of the question which our support team will help you solve quickly.